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How can my restaurant use the ShopEase service for our takeout customers?

With the ShopEase ecommerce integration, any online web page can provide the ShopEase patent pendingTasteWheel to their customers.  With a few clicks, your customers will see the wines on your online menu that fit their taste preference, and even pair with your menu items.

Our hotels update our wine list each season to match room service and restaurant seasonal food. How do we update so ShopEase only shows our inventory?

A process allows our partners to update as often as they wish by sending their updated list through three different methods.  It is fast, simple, and fully automated through a patent pending process.

We provide online grocery stores for dozens of grocery chains. How do you work with online check out?

Once a shopper selects a wine we’ve recommended, they can drop it into your hosted shopping cart and head for checkout or return to shopping at your grocer’s hosted store. Contact ShopEase for more detailed technical information.