Best Wine for Each Occasion

Wines are known to be the holy grail of every occasion, especially when you have a “spéciale” bottle on the table, then that only means something special is about to happen.

Oenophiles are the scholars when it comes to wine collecting and keeping. The longer the year they are stored, the tastier they get. Well, most wine drinkers know that, but when it comes to choosing the best bottle for fine occasions is something to be learned.

There are no hard and fast rules when choosing the best wine for each occasion – especially when you consider the fact that people are partial to certain wines depending on their personal preference and taste.

Know Your Lingo:  Most Common Kinds of Wine

White Wines

Lighter and drier than red wines, white wines are best served during the earlier part of the evening or before the main course.

These grapes produce colorless juice that lacks the tannins–basically nature’s bitter-tasting coloring agent–that characterize their equally lovable cousins, the red wines. To ensure that no tannins will be carried over to the final product, the grape skins, where the majority of tannins can be found, are removed during the fermentation process.

White wines can be made in a wide variety of styles. From sweet to dry, floral to fruity, spicy to sweet, or creamy to rich, there’s likely a white wine that fits the bill. This type of wine tends to emphasize the nuances of fruit mixtures, as well as leverage the acidity of the fruit for a more refreshing feel.

The most common Whites are:

  • Pinot Grigio – also called Pinot Gris, is a crisp, dry, light-bodied, wine with a sweet taste, with just a hint of bitterness in its flavor. It’s best for light drinking and goes well with salad, poached fish, and mild cheeses. It’s also one of the famous wines in the United States.
  • Sauvignon Blanc – is a dry, light, tart white wine that carries an aggressively citrus flavor and distinct herbal undertones. It goes well with most meat like fish, pork, veal, and chicken, as well as French cuisine, among others.

Red Wines

These types of wines are the best pick for main courses and are commonly served during the latter part of any occasion. Their full-bodied nature makes them a great complement to hearty meals. 

Red wines’ main ingredients are dark-colored grapes, which are often purple or blue. The grape skins are not removed as the grapes are pressed, so the entire concoction is suffused with the characteristic red-to-reddish-purple color.

Just like white wine, red wine can be created in different styles–from spicy to savory, from light to full-bodied, from savory to fruity.

The most popular varieties of these pours are: 

  • Bordeaux – are known to be the catch-all phrase of any red wine that originated from Bordeaux, France. These reds are typically made out of several distinct varieties of grapes such as merlot, cabernet franc, and cabernet sauvignon. The taste is generally dry and can range from full to medium-bodied. It’s rich with flavors of dark-colored fruit, such as black currant and plum.
  • Chianti – this type of wine on the other side refers to all wines that are made and fermented in the Chianti Region of Italy. Chianti wine is known to be very acidic, with high contents of tannins that make it ideal to pair with food. Over time, it tends to acquire earthy notes, but younger expressions of this wine favor red fruits such as raspberry, plum, or red currant.

There’s a Wine for That, just Dig Deeper!

Now that you know the basic categories of wine, you can now apply that knowledge in picking the best wine for a worthwhile event. Wine is a beverage that should be enjoyed by everyone. You don’t have to be an expert to truly enjoy this time-honored beverage. If you apply the knowledge from this article appropriately, then you will soon be bringing the best wine to every occasion.

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