Best Tricks To Find A Good, Cheap Bottle Of Wine

The best and prestigious wine comes at a great price. Also, good bottles of wine couldn’t be found in discount aisles, or is it? 

What if there’s a wine that will only cost you less than $10 would it interest your love for wines? We’re not just talking about a drinkable wine, we’re talking about a wine that you genuinely enjoy drinking, and want to drink again and again. The problem is, for the most part, wines under $10 tend to be over-oaked, over-sugared, or simply taste like something mass-produced – which it probably was if it ended up in the under $10 section of the store. But there are diamonds in the rough.

Here are the best strategies you can apply when looking for a cheap bottle of wine, but still can suffice your thirst: 


If you’ve come across a bottle for under $10 from a region that is known for good bottles that cost an average of over $20, put the bottle down and slowly walk away. There is a reason that those bottles were discounted, it can be because of the low sale, the taste, of the customers, just doesn’t like it. Therefore, it is available to let those bottles pass and not waste your time on them.


Since most white wines require a less delicate process compared to reds that are aged for years, you’re much more likely to find quality white wine for under $10. White wines are also best for drinkers that are looking for something light, bright and refreshing. The wine is cheaper because you aren’t paying the cost of the time it took to make the wine – because someone has to help cover the cost of that cellar.


If you are tight on a budget, you can try going to lesser-known regions for cheap but quality wines. The regions that aren’t the big can give you better options and you can get more bang for your buck. 


It is a fact that there are great cheap wines to love located in the new world wine regions, but try checking out the world regions and there’s a big chance you can find cheap but great bottles there. That’s because most old-world producers have owned the land they’re farming on and the wineries they’re vinifying in for centuries. The costs have already been incurred, so they don’t have to pass those costs onto you. Remember that some new world wineries invested big money for a piece of land and a state-of-art winery. That’s why the bottles they produce will cost you.


If you’ve come across a bottle of wine from Bordeaux and that wine isn’t a Cabernet or Merlot, maybe leave it where it is. Bordeaux has been making its wines from these grapes for longer than you’ve been drinking and that means they know what they’re doing, so you’re much more likely to find a quality affordable bottle in that category, rather than by grabbing something that’s off the beaten path. The same is true for other regions, so stick to Rioja from Rioja, Chianti from Chianti, etc.

Sometimes, you just have to stick with the local flavor that the region is known for. Some of those brands are cheap but come with a kicking and sufficing flavor. 

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